Spiritual Downloads Radio Show

Spiritual Downloads Radio Show is a live call-in talk show. I'm on the air every Saturday at 4:00pm on WWNN AM 1470. I can be heard in Florida and also worldwide on iHeart Radio and at wwnnradio.com and FM 99.9HD-3.


Good News for Good Authors

Let me interview you about your book on my radio show.  I promise to help you take your book to the next level by receiving national attention on the air. It does not matter where you live you can still be interviewed on my radio show. 

Being an author myself I know exactly what an author wants. I know the shoes they walk in and I know the path they took to get to a place of completion when it comes to writing a book. For some it can take years and for others months but the amount of time pales in comparison to the feeling the author gets once the book is finally finished.

Next comes the publishing phase, another aspect that leads to a daunting task because believe it or not all publishing companies are not created equal. Then a final decision is made, a publishing company is chosen and your book gets published. Now some people might think that once the author receives their book and actually holds it in their hands they feel a sense of achievement and for most part they do. But the real sense of achievement comes when the author receives the first sale for their book.

That’s a big deal and I know what that feels like. So I decided to put together book signing events and a radio show to give authors a voice behind their books and help them sell as many books as they can.

There are millions of authors who have labored to write their books and get them published but have not had the pleasure of experiencing a book signing event or a radio interview. Well that can change today.

  • Contact me and set up your interview on the radio to talk about your book on my show.
  • Let our professional staff write an award winning commercial for your book.
  • Let us set up a half hour info-commercial for you to promote and sell your book and take calls on the air, just like on the home shopping  network T.V. show only you are on the radio.
  • All for a reasonable cost. Help us to help sell your book.
  • All authors have a chance to be a part of a panel with other authors to give a brief talk about their book to the public. This event includes a facility that will be set up for the authors to sell and sign their books. Hors d'oeuvres will be available.
  • Posters and flyers along with social media and radio advertisements are used to promote our book signing events.
  • Authors are always encouraged to invite family and friends to join them.

 What are you waiting for? Contact me today! 

Anna Stephenson