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Spiritual Downloads Radio Show is a live call-in talk show. I'm on the air every Saturday at 4:00pm on WWNN AM 1470. I can be heard in Florida and also worldwide on iHeart Radio and at wwnnradio.com and FM 99.9HD-3.

A Wink and A Smile

In this charming debut novel by Anna Stephenson, the fascinating world of night clubs is revealed as Zeehart Jenkins, known as Mr. Zee, finds a strange thing happening in his relationship with Jenny Ward: the longer he knows her, the more he is drawn to her. But their relationship is fraught with uncertainty as secrets threaten to destroy the trust building between them. And Jenny's son must come to grips with his own relationships, learning what he truly believes in along the way. A Wink and a Smile deals with love, race, confusion, acceptance, and the little surprises life likes to drop on unsuspecting laps. Readers of all ages will find inspiration from the characters portrayed...and who knowsthey might find themselves adopting Jenny's famous Wink and a Smile.